MWC to UMW: Images from Then & Now


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so our group felt the best ways to showcase what life was truly like at Mary Washington College during the 1940s was through photographs from that time period. Along with those images, this slideshow also features a quote by Camilla M. Payne, taken from a 1945 edition of the Bullet. Part of the quote describes the Payne’s conviction that opportunities and expectations will increase greatly for women in the years to follow. She also states her belife that education for women “will take a great step forward, probably in ways we cannot foresee.” In light of Payne’s quote, we have also included a few images of the University of Mary Washington, today, just so viewers can see some of the “steps forward” this school has taken as it transformed from MWC to UMW.


Citations for images used in Slideshow:

Baird, Hal. Broadcasting and Recording Studio, George Washington Hall. 1943-05-22.

Baird, Hal. Exterior of Trinkle Hall. 1943-04-22.

Baird, Hal. Interior of Trinkle Hall. 1943-04-01.

Baird, Hal. Meeting room in George Washington Hall. 1943-04-24.

Baird, Hal. Students dining at the Console. 1943-03-21.

Baird, Hal. Students in Ball Hall lobby. 1943.

Baird, Hal. Students in Dodd Auditorium lobby. 1943-03-27.

Baird, Hal. Students in the Trinkle Library Periodical Room. 1943-04.

Baird, Hal. Students in Trinkle Library. 1943.

Baird, Hal. Students in Trinkle Library. 1943.

Brent House in the 1940s. 1947.

Diving at the outdoor swimming pool. 1945.

Emma Elizabeth Collins Burke. UMW Archives, Scrapbook 1940-1942.

George Washington Hall, 1942. 1942.

Judson Smith Studio. Female students painting. 1942-10-08.

Judson Smith Studio. German Club officers, 1942. 1942-04-14.

Judson Smith Studio. May Day, 1942. 1942-05-02.

Judson Smith Studio. May Queen Myron Russell, 1942. 1942-05.

Junior Benefit, 1947. 1947.

Monroe Hall in the 1940s. 1947.

Outdoor swimming pool circa 1945. 1945.

Students in the C-Shoppe. 1943.

Students in the C-Shoppe. 1943.

Students on the steps of Ball Hall. 1949.

Students with pies. 1944.

Virginia Hall in the 1940s. 1947.

Willard Hall 1942. 1942.

Willard Hall covered in ivy. 1947.


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